UniCentral is a modern Sunshine Coast resident accommodation facility offering a secure environment on the edge of the University of the Sunshine Coast campus.

'I lived here for roughly 2 and a half years. During the first year or so it was bare minimum okay. The staff were friendly but the apartments decayed and fixes and maintenance on the apartments was rare and slow. New management took over and are very friendly and will do what they can to help and advocate for the tenants. For example during my time living here under new management our oven and washing machine were replaced within an acceptable timeframe. Although all the car spots inside the unicentral car parking spots became paid parking, it was clear that the money from that change was being put back into Unicentral upgrades and maintenance. Overall, Unicentral is a decent place to live if your a student, looking for somewhere quiet and like paying cheap rent. The staff are friendly and helpful, the apartments are well maintained, its close to everything and you dont need to pay to do your laundry unlike some other places.' - Dec 2021

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