"Hey, my name is Mederic. I'm from France. I lived at Unicentral for a year, it was very nice!! My flat was great with the view of the lake. The rooms have private bathrooms, which is very enjoyable. It is very conveniant to live close to the campus and supermarket. Also the unit was fully equipped (microwave, oven, washing machine, TV.....) and there are plenty of spots to park your car inside the complex which is safe. You'll love to live there!! Beside the fact the facilities are amazing (swimming pool, tennis court, pavilion....) the staff were very helpful and friendly. I'll miss them :)


"I stayed one year at UniCentral and it was a really good year. If you have good room mates and the chance to have an apartment with a view of the lake, you will definately enjoy your stay!! The accommodation is conveniant as it is really close to USC and Coles, there is a free bus twice a week to take you shopping to Woolworths. The pool, pavilion, free BBQ and tennis court make your stay even more enjoyable :) Thanks to the really nice staff at the office, always smiling and helping if we have issues!".......................Marine   July 2017

Hey, my name is Pierrick.  I am from France and I spent one entire year in UniCentral and it was awesome!  I made so many friends from all over the world; Sweden, Norway, USA, Australia ... Also, UniCentral is really convenient when you are studying at USC because it is close to the University.  If you have any troubles the caring staff is here to help you and the different facilities provided (BBQ, pool and the Pavilion) are perfect to meet people and for the parties.  I really liked living there and if I had to make the choice again I would do it!

Pierrick Guerin 


I am an interstate student from Australia.  I have spent the past 12 months living at Unicentral which has been a huge growing curve for me living away from home.  I have met heaps of life long friends from all over the world; “The Pav” is a great place for social networking.

The accommodation facilities are comfortable and homely.  Before I came to live at Unicentral I lived at other student accommodation on the Sunshine Coast and I found them to be INFERIOR compared to the atmosphere at and respect shown from the staff at Unicentral.

Unicentral has been like my home away from home.  I will miss it.


Unicentral - my home in Australia

Unicentral gives me a lot, besides the shortest distance to the university, it also imparts me convenience, freedom and happiness. I have spacious living room, nice kitchen, free washing machine, even new carpet. There are many entertainment and sport facilities, which give me much fun and chance to know new friends. The considerate service guarantees I can get sincere help whenever I need it. Living in unicentral is just like living in my home. I enjoy the life in Unicentral, which is fantastic.

Yushuang xie from China

My name is Maria Lundkvist and I'm a fulltime student from Sweden. I arrived at UNICENTRAL in the beginning of February and was at once welcomed by the friendly staff and helpful students. The great atmosphere with the nice and caring people was a fact and has been ever since. I love that it feels like we are one big happy family and that you always have someone to hang out with or to ask for help from.
The first night I made my way to the communal area, also called "the pav", I was met by guitar music. I felt a bit shy since I didn't know anyone there but as soon as they saw me they made room for me at the tables, asked me questions about myself and all of a sudden I had 20 new friends!
The access to the pool, the easy 5 minute walk to uni and the awsome welcome-bbq are also great things with living in UNICENTRAL.
You get taken care of, you find your way to uni and you make great friends that will last a lifetime! 

My name is Andrea Atkinson and I am a twenty two year old university student from Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to studying in Australia, I had never ventured outside of America. Once I decided to study at The University of The Sunshine Coast, I had to figure out where I would live. I looked at several websites of local student accommodations around the University and the general impression from the Unicentral site was superior to the others I viewed. Once I arrived and settled in my room, I explored the premises. I was quite pleased with the set up of the accommodations as a whole, the pool, the pavilion and extra amenities provided. As expected, I started to feel a bit homesick in the first couple of days, but that didn’t take long to wear off. The atmosphere of the Unicentral accommodations is something you have to experience to understand. Even though new students are brought in each semester, it is obvious the comforting, relaxing, and fun environment is unique to the location. I’ve met people from all corners of the world living here. Everyone comes together to create welcoming and fun vibes. The staff at Unicentral have been nothing but helpful. They want us to have a good time here as much as we do.


My name is Felix Neudörfer and I’m from Germany. When I was planning my semester abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast I chose to live in one of the apartments in Uni Central because it was the easiest way to find an accommodation, which was in walking distance to Uni. It turns out that it’s very comfortable to be able to go home between lectures to have lunch for example. More than 300 people, a big communal area with air-hockey, pool, TV, table tennis and swimming pool and a beautiful countryside make it impossible to get bored. The staff at Uni Central was very caring and did a good job while they were always up for a quick chat in between. In the end I can say that I am very glad I stayed in Uni Central for the last half year and would decide to do so again if I had the chance to come back.

When studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast it is ideal to live at Unicentral. It is a great campus at a three minute walk of the uni where you can meet people from all over the world. There's always something happening, but you can also study quietly in your room. You share your apartment with 3 other people, and have your own bathroom. There is a swimming pool and tennis court that you can use all day. A supermarket is within walking distance and the bus will take you to the beach in 20minutes. So for a complete study experience, Unicentral is the place to live!

Cire from Holland

As a Canadian student new to Australia, the staff and students of Unicentral have made me feel very welcome and at home here. Unicentral is the best choice in accommodation because it is just a three minute walk to the uni. Also, the facilities here are excellent with the electric BBQ pits, large lap pool and laundry facilities in every unit. Enjoy meeting students and making friends from all over the world at Unicentral. We can't wait to meet you!

Heidi Borgmann