Student Internet Usage at Unicentral

Our PABX system does not support modems on phone lines. This means that whilst living at UniCentral you are required to be connected to our internet supplier provided within the complex. Modems for this purpose are available to purchase upon your arrival at Reception.

UniCentral offers the ONLY Symmetrical internet service offered in student accommodation in Australia

This means the speed is the same to upload information and the same speed is offered to down load information.

Each resident allocates their own email address when completing the initial application.  For example:                                                                  

All bedrooms have high speed ISDN connection ports.

What is a download?

A download is how you transfer data from a website or server to your computer. 

Down loads are counted.  This would include emails, text, images, DVD footage or music.  Downloads use up your megabytes and contribute to your internet usage.  Again, we suggest you research the types of data you are most likely to download and work out the megabyte usage most appropriate to your needs.