O Week Preparation

Posted: 7th June 2013

O Week is fast approaching again for Semester 2, 2013.  Not only do we have a fantastic  Welcome BBQ planned to help you meet lots of your fellow students staying at UniCentral but there are heaps of other activities going on here and at the Uni.  

To help you cope with the busy week, we recommend:

- Scour the University Website and get a timetable of what you need to see for your course
- Decide if there are any clubs you want to join ... but start gradually.  The first year at uni is very busy with lots of work.
- Drink heaps of water, put lots of sunscreen on to combat the Australian sunshine and wear comfortable shoes  .... even though the walk between UniCentral and the Uni only takes 5 minutes, you could be doing it quite a few times during O Week.

Most importantly, take a breath, enjoy and make lots of new friends.  Smile, you are on the Sunshine Coast !!