New Arrivals - Semester 2, 2013

Posted: 3rd June 2013

If you are planning to study away from home and are looking to stay at a UniCentral, creating a checklist will help you remember all the things you need to bring and accomplish before you leave.  Here are some suggestions of what you need to put on a checklist for college students.

Personal Essentials - to make your room  feel like 'home away from home' bring along some of your personal essentials.  If you want to bring your favourite doona you can ... if you prefer us to provide linen for you, we can.  Don't bring any kitchen utensils though - all of those things are already stocked up ready for your arrival.
Important Documents - don't forget all of your proofs of payment and any uni forms you may need. Have you brought your bond payment?  It helps on arrival if all of these things are organised then we can get you to your room a lot quicker.
Academic needs - Things like books, papers, notebooks, pens etc are all useful.  If you do forget them, don't worry there is a great shopping complex nearby where you can buy all these last minute things .

Main thing is not to panic!  Email us with any queries before hand and if there are any after arrival, we can sort most things out.