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Internet access and your own email is included as part of your rent. Although you may choose not to connect right away, we require you to choose a username and password for our On-line Application Wizard. The On-Line Wizard allows you to check back into the application process and add new details required to complete your application process.

Your username is the prefix for your email address. We recommend your initial/s and last name i.e. tjsmith (e-mail: however this is up to you.

Your password may consist of only letters and numbers and may be up to 8 characters long. E.g. itis4me or ilbcnu2.

Please make a note of your username and password as you will need to use them for our on-line wizard to complete your application.
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If you are a study abroad or exchange student, please name your home institution eg: SUNY Fredonia
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Room Type Weekly Boarding Fee
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$196.00 $210.00
$203.00 $217.00
$245.00 $245.00
$252.00 $252.00

Rent includes electricity, water, cleaning assistance of the common room, private telephone rental and phone, kitchen equipment and laundry equipment. Internet connection costs once only $40.00. All rooms are private, secure and for single occupancy only.

All student residents are required to pay a deposit to confirm their room allocation and booking. The deposit is equal to 2 week's rent plus $25.00 ID card and $20.00 phone line credit. This deposit will be credited towards your first two weeks rent fees. To pay your deposit go online and make a payment via the secured site provided. NOTE: Students are required to pay a deposit before a room is allocated, and rooms are allocated on the basis of first to pay their deposit.

Note: Students who wish to stay after the expiration of their agreement are invited to do so depending on room availability.
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